Benefits of eLearning

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eLearning can bring an abundance of benefits to both learners and educators taking advantage of growing technologies. Registered Training Organisations (RTO) can take their business online with eLean³  the complete cloud based solution to selling eLearning courses. Webducate allows you to develop units, build courses, deliver training and stay compliant with AQTF and AVETMISS reporting. Providing and using eLearning can be time and cost effective as well as being extremely practical, here are some benefits of taking your RTO to the cloud, online with eLearn³.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Australia has a large land mass, 7686850 sq km yet a small population estimated at 22,892,576 (01/05/2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics) compared to the UK with a land mass of 244820 sq km and an estimated population of 62,218,761 (World Bank, 2010). This can make it difficult for australian students to travel to institutions to learn, with the internet being available to most of us in our homes this can eliminate the obstacle. Distance learning has been around since 1911 (Department of Employment, Education and Training, 1993) by sending out paper documents, however with the internet and computers eLearning brings distance learning into the 21st century.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates expensive travel
  • Benefits students who live in rural areas
  • Wider choice of learning options

Benefits for the RTO

Being able to take your RTO online can bring new opportunities to reach previously unreachable students. Using LMS (Learning Management System) software can allow you to effectively manage your organisation online. As an RTO there are AQTF standards that must  be followed, using online systems can ensure this happens. It also allows for AVETMISS reporting another essential element of running a RTO. The most important thing it allows you to do is interact with students from all areas, ages and abilities. Being practical, cost effective and time saving eLearning is a growing industry and should be taken advantage of.

Key Benefits

  • Being able to manage your students in an online environment saving money on paper and printing
  • Reach a wider and more diverse range of students
  • Sell and maintain courses, information and course dates online

Benefits for Students

With eLearning offering 24/7 learning students with part time or full time jobs can chose to complete work in the evening or morning without having to take time to travel to a campus. Students of younger age also tend to have unusual sleeping patterns allowing work to be completed at a time suitable for the student. eLearning is suitable for students of all ages and abilities and can be a perfect way to gain essential skills and knowledge to further any career.

Key Benefits

  • Search for and Purchase courses online
  • Being able to communicate with teachers online and download course material
  • Submitting work online to complete modules from home